Three Volleys To Love

Three Volleys To Love

Three Volleys to Love (Friends to lovers, double date, curvy heroine, vacation romance): Novella 3 of Heartened by Sport

Valérie went to the bar, got a strawberry daiquiri, and sipped it on her way to a quiet cluster of palm trees shading some empty chairs. 
She adjusted the back of the chair, removed her sandals, and plunged her toes into the hot sand.Perfection.She relaxed into her chair and sighed. Cawing seagulls, waves rolling onto the beach, and the distant chatter of people playing volleyball provided the soundtrack.
She closed her eyes and let the tranquillity surround her. Her breath deepened, and her mind cleared. Warm and comfortable, she drifted to sleep.

Something bounced against her, and she snorted awake.“Sorry!” a man called out. He ran to her, collected his volleyball, then returned to his friends. Valérie blinked the sleep from her eyes. Light snoring came from her right.

Henry lay flat on a sunchair with an Ottawa Redblacks baseball cap over his face. A tattoo of a roaring tiger was on his chest. A copy of Brad Thor’s latest thriller lay open, pages face down in the sand between them.

Henry mumbled something then turned on his side, towards her. His baseball cap fell off, revealing his face. He smacked his lips, then opened his eyes. He straightened and collected his book. 
“I, uh, I’m not stalking you anything."
”You get accused of that a lot?” 
He chuckled. “I wanted a quiet place to read. The other end of the beach is too noisy.”