Silver Hearts

Silver Hearts

Book 3 of Frontier Hearts 

Pernilla’s marriage of thirty-four years to Lars has become a too-familiar routine of running her boarding house in Prosper, Alberta. She loves Lars, but the spark is gone. Pernilla wants that spark to return, but Lars has turned inward, distance and quiet.

With a blizzard closing in and stopping the train from entering town, she and Lars venture out to bring her boarders back. She learns a fugitive was onboard the train and must figure out who they are before the storm finishes and they disappear into the mountains.

Lars wants nothing to do with finding the fugitive, preferring to let sleeping dogs lie.

Pernilla is determined to identify the fugitive, collect the reward money, and help the windows she’s taken into her care start a new life.

Pernilla risks everything to bring a criminal to justice.

Will this create a second chance for Pernilla’s marriage, or will it be the last thread that unravels everything?

*The author uses British spelling. 
The book contains mild swearing and is a sensual romance with explicit sex on the page.